$2.34 Fundraiser

Thorncrown Chapel is celebrating its 40th anniversary! Jim Reed, Thorncrown’s founder, was a retired schoolteacher. People told him he was a fool for trying to build a glass chapel in the woods. With great personal sacrifice he finally opened the chapel the summer of 1980. On opening day, he sat in the chapel for twelve hours and collected a total offering of $2.34. He was heartbroken and wondered how his dream would survive. Forty years later the little chapel in the woods is still going strong. In Jim’s honor we are having a $2.34 fundraiser for our 40th anniversary. All gifts are tax deductible and will go toward needed maintenance on the exterior of the chapel, reupholstering the pews, and parking lot repairs. Thank you for your kindness!

Thank you!

Thanks to our visitor's support, Thorncrown Chapel has remained open to the public for forty years and has ministered to over seven million people. If you have questions about our ministry, feel free to contact us.