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The Imagery, Susan B. Storch Photography was created in 1976 by award winning and celebrated photographer, Susan Storch.

A member of NWAWP (North West Arkansas Wedding Professionals), the Eureka Springs Wedding Guild, WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International), The Eureka Springs Artist Registry, and a member of the prestigious world organization of Canon Professionals. Susan is one of the most professional and experienced photographers in the field today.

Susan located to beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1976 after several years as a successful photographer specializing in fine art portraiture in her native New York City and then in San Francisco. Her unique ability to create imaginative, well-crafted and spontaneous images that go beyond the usual, has won her regional and national recognition.

Visit Susan Storch's web site



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Photography comes naturally to our special, professional photographer, Toni Albers. Toni is also a wildlife artist and has studied both art and photography in Memphis, Tennessee, her birthplace. After graduation, she traveled extensively and settled in the Ozarks with her husband, Dennis.

Toni has been photographing weddings and other events in Eureka Springs and surrounding areas for over 15 years.

Visit the Toni Albers Photography web site


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So...what better job is there in the whole world than to capture life's most poignant moments and record them for future generations?  We can't imagine one!  Needless to say, we love our work.  That love and passion for our work drives us to tell the intricately woven story of your wedding with the powerful and precious images we create.  Every wedding we do is like a fairy tale to us.  We NEVER get tired of them.  Even after doing over 120 weddings, each one feels new and wonderful and priceless. 

Our innate sense of composition, our unique blend of photojournalism and traditional portraiture, and our commitment to providing our couples with the absolute best has given us a great reputation in our business.   Let us give you the gift of your memories - recorded as the timeless love story they are.

We have two full-time professional photographers.  Robert Alexander specializes in photojournalism and excels at capturing all of the details and candid moments from behind the scenes.  Nicole Weinmann creates beautiful portraits and records the atmosphere and emotion of your wedding location, ceremony, and reception.  We are both qualified to do weddings individually, but truly enjoy doing them together as a father/daughter team.  Trinity Ridge Photography is definitely a complete package - covering all possible angles of wedding photography.

Visit the Trinity Ridge website


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I love working with couples who are about to get married. Eureka Springs is a wedding paradise, and since weddings in this area span every type of budget, I wanted to be able to offer professional photography and videography to those couples who might not otherwise be able to afford it! I love my work, and whether I'm shooting a five minute ceremony or editing an eight hour extravaganza, I approach each wedding as if it were my own. Thank you for letting me be part of your wedding day!

 - Mark McKenzie, Eureka Springs Wedding Photography & Video

Visit the Visit the Eureka Springs Wedding Photography and Video web site


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Michael Manley is an award winning photographer who truly loves what he does. He has had a long interest in photography, and fourteen years ago he made the commitment to become a professional photographer and opened his studio, Michael's Photography in Eureka Springs.

Since opening Michael's Photography, business has flourished year after year due to Michael's high level of commitment to his clients, in addition to his desire to create beautiful portraits.

Michael is an active member of Professional Photographers of the Ozarks, Senior Photographers International and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. He frequently attends seminars, workshops and classes to enhance his knowledge and to stay on top of his game. This better allows him to provide his clients with cutting edge material and the latest trends as well as the unique and timeless portraits they desire.

In the past fourteen years, Michael has photographed over 1000 weddings. He still finds every wedding special and exciting, and he believes that it is important that a bride's wedding turns out the way she wants it to be. He prides himself in helping to make dreams come true through portraits. Whether photographing a Wedding, Senior, Child or Family, Michael feels that it is very important to make his clients feel relaxed and have fun.

Visit the Michael's Photography web site


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It is an HONOR to be chosen as your photographer for your wedding day. I love the whole experience of YOUR special day. It is a great day! I strive to provide relaxed professional photographic coverage. Weddings are filled with so many memorable moments. I love to capture memories of a lifetime, the beauty and emotion of the day, the tender moments between bride and groom, parents and family, as they unfold. I love documenting your wedding day.

I work with each couple personally creating a package that works best to suit your needs. I work with a variety of cameras; Digital, Video 3CCD cameras and film, filter effects and lenses i.e. Vignettes, Starburst, Rainbow, and Phony Fish Eye. You will receive a blend of photo journalistic, as well as, traditional images that tell your beautiful and unique story.

Visit the Jill's Photography website


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In business since 2007, I have traveled the country photographing weddings, but Eureka Springs and the surrounding area are home and my favorite local for shooting. I’m a storyteller at heart and love helping clients create their love story through photographs. I love photographing the little details of the day that you might forget such as the wedding bouquet, the rings, the way you held hands when he first walked you to the alter, or the tear that your father wiped away when you said “I do.” I want you to be able to look at your photos years from now and remember exactly what you felt that day.

You will experience hard work, professionalism, and friendliness on the day of your wedding. I believe in organization to make your day run as smoothly as possible, but am able to think on my feet and change directions quickly if something doesn’t go as planned.

Let me help you write your wedding love story with style and grace.

~ Michele

Visit the Michele Graves Photography Website.




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